Every year, Kiwiburn chooses a different theme to inspire art on the Paddock. Ideas are suggested by the community, through email and social media, then voted on by the ExCom.

2017’s theme is The Robots Are Coming…

The Robots Are Coming to the Paddock and they look like they mean business!

The robots are coming 
from near and from far
They are coming for you
They know where you are

They’re coming.  They’re coming!
from future and past
They’ve set out to meet you
Blast! Your destiny’s cast!

The robots are coming!
Well how do you do
Strangers all shapes and sizes
That’s a party abrew

So what will you bring?
to teach them to love
to dance and to sing

Thanks to the combined talents of Tara Fowler and Will Bennett, we have an amazing poster design for 2017. Tara’s concept of, “huge robots literally invading the Paddock created using a photomontage technique to portray a psychedelic explosion of combined cosmic and burner energy”, caught the ExCom’s eye. Together with Will’s unique illustrative talents, the collaboration culminated in a unique robot for Kiwiburn and an incredible overall design; the meeting of two creative brains.

It’s the first time we’ve had a collaborative poster and we love it. Thanks for working together and thank you to everyone who entered – we have such a creative community! You can download a PDF of the poster to print off here.



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