Every year, Kiwiburn chooses a different theme to inspire art on the Paddock. Ideas are suggested by the community then voted on by the Kiwiburn Arts Committee, working closely with the Media and Comms Team.

2018’s theme is The Grand Bizarre

“They would gather from all corners of the globe, to gaze, wonder and participate in THE GRAND BIZARRE.”

Poster design competition winner, Wellington-based Georgina Manning of Dot Dot Dot Design, says:

“The poster combines the richness and warmth of Bazaar and Burn with the queer, unusual feeling of the ‘bizarre/ strange’. A bazaar is usually an enclosed market, often with a huge vaulted ceiling and I wanted the ‘night sky’ in this image to have that effect – it has a way of making you feel small and inspiring awe at the “ceiling” above. I was inspired by hanging lanterns in The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul and by my own eye-opening experience at Kiwiburn. Lastly, I wanted to give the feel of a crackling bonfire beneath a night sky with the megamorphosis man rising up like a smoke-spirit out of the flames.”


You can download an A3 PDF of the 2018 poster to print off here. [7.3mb]



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