We aim to:

  • Refine the process for investigation of reports made regarding behaviour that transgresses the Kiwiburn Code of Conduct
  • Suggest changes to the Code of Conduct, when needed, to the ExCom
  • Investigate reports in a thorough, confidential, and respectful manner
  • Resolve reports by making recommendations for action to ExCom when necessary.

How we achieve these goals:

  • Document each report as it is made
  • Determine whether action is required
  • Respond to the report in a timely fashion
  • If the incident is actionable, develop an understanding of the incident such that a recommendation for action may be made to ExCom
  • Document all reports in a manner that will enable the Conduct Committee to identify patterns of behaviour
  • Maintain the anonymity of the reporter when an incident is reported but the reporter does not wish to take the matter any further than alerting the Conduct Committee
  • Make reports to the ExCom recommending courses of action as an outcome of investigations of either single incidents or ongoing patterns of behaviour.  

What we do not do

  • The Conduct Committee does not determine guilt or innocence
  • The Conduct Committee gathers sufficient information to make a fair and reasonable recommendation of whether to allow someone continued access to Kiwiburn events.

Get in touch with The Conduct Committee through the Contact Page.

Become a Committee member

Kiwiburn is seeking expressions of interest for Committee members. Is this something you’d see yourself doing? Or have someone in mind you think this would suit? Apply here.