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Due to current and predicted rain, movement around the Kiwiburn site needs to be minimised. The Paddock is muddy and boggy in some parts, and driving on the site will make this much worse, with the impact being felt during the festival. The weather will also make setting up Theme Camps and Art Installations very difficult. Early Entry passes are … Read More

Getting help on the Paddock

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Medical Emergencies Medics are located in the blue building  in front of the crew area located at the back corner of Temple Paddock. Find someone with a radio (Rangers, Depot, Security, Site Manager) and get them to call the medics if the person is unable to be moved. Serious problems, noise complaints, hazard warnings The Site Manager handles day to … Read More

Event Guide and Site Map online

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The 2018 Event Guide is now able to be downloaded here. Weighing in at a whopping 20 pages this year, it also includes a site map. Where will you be camping? Consider bringing a bicycle this year as the Paddock has expanded a little and it might help you get around. Have a read of all the magical events planned … Read More

Parking onsite at the 2018 event

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Parking with cars will be at your own discretion. Participants should drop gear off at their camp, then park in the designated parking area (if practical), in order to maximise the camping areas of the main paddocks for everyone. This also applies to Theme Camps. Please drive slowly and carefully at all times Please comply with directions from Gate, Greeters … Read More

Tickets released into STEP!

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KB18 grand bizarre poster png file

STEP UP! Kiwiburn has released 150 tickets into STEP overnight. They are surplus Direct Distribution Tickets (DDT) allocated for Crew and Theme Camps. Keep a close eye on your email, including SPAM folders, as you only have 48 hours to purchase the tickets. Did you sign up to buy a ticket on STEP and no longer need it? Please remove … Read More

Live music at Kiwiburn 2018

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There’s a facebook group for musicians, engineers and volunteers interested in getting live instruments going at Kiwiburn 2018. Check it out here:


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Drink-spiking at festivals is becoming more common so your best defense is to be aware. Observe these guidelines to help keep you and your friends safe: Keep your drink on you at all times Be wary of accepting drinks from others If you notice a strange taste in your drink or you start to feel weird, let someone know immediately. … Read More

What’s happening on the Paddock in January?

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Helping Hand by Nico. Photo by Tangent

Theme Camps and Art Installations already registered are on the Kiwiburn website, so have a browse and start getting excited! Registered Theme Camps Registered Art NB Art and Theme Camp registrations close on 23 December. Helping Hand by Nico. Photo by Tangent

Paddock Art Series #1

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Photo by Rob Tangent. It’s that time of year when everyone is hard at work planning, designing, creating and constructing fantastic creations to bring to Kiwiburn! On the Paddock we get to enjoy the final products of all this work, though what goes into making it happen? Hayley Ware has been chatting with some of the Kiwiburners who received Art … Read More

Calling all Sound and Theme Camp leads!

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Dancealot Camp

Photo of Dancealot by Peter Jennings   Kiwiburn is in the process of creating a Sound Policy to govern the use of sound systems on the Paddock and we need you to be involved! How? We will run a series of three chaired video conference meetings to discuss the use of amplified sound and how best to manage it, and … Read More

Conduct Committee being formed

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The Conduct Committee is being set up to handle incidents within our community. Kiwiburn is seeking expressions of interest for the new roles – a Team Lead and Committee members. Is this something you’d see yourself doing? Or have someone in mind you think these roles would suit? You can read more about what’s involved here. And apply for roles … Read More

The Electric Fencepost readership survey

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Electric Fencepost masthead 2017

Kiwiburn is keen to understand more about how you view and read The Electric Fencepost (EFP). On average, about 20% of people signed up read the EFP. It takes a lot of effort from our volunteers to put it together for the community, and while we’d love more of you to read it, we understand it’s often hard to keep … Read More

STEP into (ticketing) action!

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KB18 grand-bizarre home page web banner

Wow! Tickets to Kiwiburn 2018 only took 40 hours to sell out! If you missed out on a ticket, you can now sign up for the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) to buy or sell tickets. STEP opens at midday on Thursday 12 October, 2017. If you want to BUY tickets you’ll be placed in a queue, so sign up … Read More

Create your Kiwiburner Profile now!

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(photo courtesy of Peter Jennings) Everyone will need to make a Kiwiburner Profile to be able to buy tickets (on sale on 7 October). Create your Kiwiburner Profile now! Sign up here. You can register from now until late January. Have a question? Read the ticketing page for all you need to know.

The ExCom has restructured

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Kiwiburn is growing. Which means changes are afoot. And one of those changes is the way Kiwiburn is managed over the course of the year. There’s a lot of (generally unseen) work happening year-round by hard-working volunteers, allowing us all to spend five days basking in the sun in a paddock each January. After much discussion, and a bit of … Read More

AGM 2017

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The AGM is your chance to have your say. Everyone who buys a ticket to Kiwiburn becomes a member. Come along and enjoy the ambience of an good old-fashioned chat room meeting.  This year the Kiwiburn AGM will be held on Thursday 31 August at 8pm. The AGM can be accessed at on this day. Please enter a unique and easily identifiable … Read More

Ticket update for the 2018 event

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KB08 ticket artwork by Shelley Watson

Kiwiburn has changed ticketing providers for the 2018 event. Quicket is an African-based company who designed an efficient and Burner-friendly ticketing system which is used by AfrikaBurn, Burning Seed and Modifyre, to name a few. It has great features and Kiwiburn is excited to be implementing it. Read more in the KB-log here. And read up on what you can … Read More

Art Grants rules are changing

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KB18 Art Grants poster 1

To help more artists get their art on the Paddock, the Kiwiburn Art Committee (KAC) has changed a few rules for Art Grants. The rule about art needing to be away from Theme Camps has been relaxed as it’s been viewed as restrictive of art which needs to be undercover, and will encourage art to be out in the open … Read More

Volunteering with Volcor

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A HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken the time to register on our new volunteer management system, Volcor – the response to our volunteer drive has been incredible! We have had some truly amazing people step up! If you haven’t had a chance to register, please take a moment to do so soon. Registration only takes five minutes … Read More