Art Grants rules are changing

Kiwiburn Media Team

KB18 Art Grants poster 1

To help more artists get their art on the Paddock, the Kiwiburn Art Committee (KAC) has changed a few rules for Art Grants.

The rule about art needing to be away from Theme Camps has been relaxed as it’s been viewed as restrictive of art which needs to be undercover, and will encourage art to be out in the open and accessible to all where possible. Art deemed to be decor will not be funded.

The KAC has also relaxed rules around the funding of transportation. Reasonable transportation costs of art within fundable resources will now be eligible. This will mainly apply to Large Art Grants where transportation costs are considerable and often restrictive.

The transportation cost of the artist(s) will not be funded, as you should all be coming to Kiwiburn anyway, right? For example: Funding the petrol for your van and your mates and an artwork you can throw in the back of the van to get to Kiwiburn is not eligible, though funding the extra ferry cost of bringing a trailer with your art on it from, say, the South Island, would be considered.

Applicants are judged for funding eligibility at the discretion of the KAC. Read here for more information about the criteria for Art Grants.

Art Grants close 1 September! APPLY NOW for a grant to bring your art to the Paddock!