Burners old and new, this is a call out for your community!

Kiwiburn Media Team

KB17 town hall by amy pote
You’ve probably already heard that Kiwiburn is entirely run by volunteers, but though have you ever really imagined it?

You’re standing in the Paddock, it’s the afternoon before the Man burns, all around you people spanning the fancy dress spectrum roam and make merriment. Your friends, your community. Any number of the people you see here are, right now, sitting at their desks working to make the magic happen.

Will you help bring your community to life? Kiwiburn is calling for you to step into leadership positions – there are all shapes and sizes available. There has never been a better time to leave your mark and give back to your community through volunteering.

Too busy for leadership? There are numerous roles needing filling, from now, right through to after the event. One shift from each Burner makes all the difference!

SIGN UP NOW HERE using our fancy new software called Volcor, written by Burners for managing a database of volunteers!