The Kiwiburn 2016 AGM

Kiwiburn Media Team

The Kiwiburn 2016 AGM was held at 8pm on 17 August in web chat format and was attended by a large number of Kiwiburners. Thanks to everyone who joined in. The transcript may be downloaded here.

The Agenda was as follows:
Review of the previous year;
– Chairperson’s Report
– Treasurer’s Financial Report
– Festival Afterburn Report
– Financials for approval; Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet here:!topic/kiwiburnexcomlive/zmkZ_tHngZM
Review of Committee Members and Officers’ roles and holders of these positions.

Approval of plans for the balance of the current and next calendar years.

Vote to continue the existence of the various sub committees.

Available volunteer positions.

Any other business.