Kiwiburn’s Parking Policy

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To make better use of the site, and help create a more people-friendly space, there is a new Parking Policy for the 2017 event* which limits vehicles allowed on the festival site.

In the past at Kiwiburn, you may have camped next to your vehicle on the Paddock, however, because of space constraints, our new Parking Policy means that cars are to be parked in a separate Parking Paddock. This frees up the main festival site to be used for more fun!

We’ve secured a new paddock just for parking and the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) will be running a shuttle ute for inhabitants of the Forest and other areas to move their gear from vehicles to their camping spot from the Parking Paddock.

Parking or driving in the Forest has is still prohibited, as is driving around during the event (except for registered art cars and infrastructure related vehicles).

Permitted on site (outside of Parking Paddock)

  • Vehicles used for sleeping

  • Up to two vehicles per Theme Camp. Camps requiring more than two vehicles will be decided on a case by case basis after consultation with the Parking Manager
  • Site vehicles
  • House trucks and buses (space has been set aside for larger vehicles if required)
  • Art cars
  • Any vehicles deemed necessary for participants at the discretion of Traffic Warden and Town Planner.

All other vehicles are not permitted on site at all times with the exception of unloading of cargo for Theme Camps and Art Installations. Vehicles may be checked for their intended destination upon arrival and directed accordingly. All but necessary Theme Camp related vehicles are prohibited in the lower paddock past the point of the Effigy.

The Parking Paddock can accessed via a service road marked out along western perimeter of upper paddock which you’ll be directed to.

*The policy will be reviewed after the event and in accordance with any changes of venue size.