An exploration of projected art Projeckta is an exploration of projected art. The installation comprises a variable collection of light projectors (video projectors, film, slide, camera). The fundamental premise is that the art form that is viewed on a surface has been projected across open space from the source. Some projections are passive and are for audience viewing only, others are audience interactive encouraging the audience to interactive with the light to alter the projected image or to manipulate the source material (slides, physical objects) in order to radically alter the projected image.
Tweeds  Come and sit under the Nebula in the night and be amazed at the beauty of the bizarre cosmos. Watch and listen as the display changes with the vibrations in the air.
It’s a kite. With LED’s. There is no moment like the present. Where the fuck we are? We are here, now. Look up, look deep, and enter: SKY PORTAL.
If you pedal the bike you’ll turn the pump. If you turn the pump you’ll fill the tank. If you fill the tank you’ll feed the paddles. If you feed the paddles you’ll rotate the flower. If you rotate the flower you’ll create a vortex. If you create the vortex you can stare into it. And if you stare into it you are gone.
Unseen Communication Do you feel like your interactions with others are too coloured by visual perceptions? Are people making presumptions about you because of your choice outfit? Break free from these optic confines and give someone a call! Can ta Banter is like the tin can phone system you made as a kid, but way better. Who might be on the other line? We don’t know, we can’t see them! Dial now and find out! * calls cost 60seconds per minute * *offer only available to paddock dwellers between morning and night*
Grand bizarre What’s that creepy thing in the corner of your eye? It’s POV. Flickering after images between LED poles.
Arabic inspired lounge Saaloan – an Arabic inspired lounge that incorporates a 12 point Islamic geometry design that has been CNC milled in 9 full sheets of plywood that make up a room-like heptagonal structure. The design will be milled through each sheet allowing natural light (and LED lights at night) to pass through and cast the structures shadows throughout the surrounding area. One of the panels will be hinged to allow participants to enter and lounge inside should you choose to do so.
“The Seers have gathered with their peerless magic, For the Grand Bizarre they have power captured, So heed the call of their crystal ball, These mystics speak and the visions soar, Come one, come all, bring courage stacked, For a vision, once given, you cannot retract” – The Seers
Fire A huge ball of flame drives itself upward riding on the heat it generates. The outside of the ball is clawed by the stationary air rolling it into a vortex. How how big can this smoke ring get,? How long can it hover in the sky before the wind currents tear it asunder?
Sensory Dispensary Bodypainting; alive, collaborative and temporary – much like Kiwiburn! Come see me paint daily with and on your fellow burners! Watch the process, check in to see how its going, or look out for the finished product walking around the paddock. Check out my stuff at
Come find the cookie tree. Child friendly cookies shall appear through the festival. Have you found it?
Flowers + Moth Wings My mini workshop inspires burners to either make flowers that can be placed throughout the campsite, given to a loved one, or just a special flower to keep on your travels. There is also the other option to make your own burner wings; be your own little moth, butterfly or fairy for this gorgeous experience! We must be respectful to Papatuanuku; the land is our mother. So rather than taking from nature, we are creating our own nature along side Her. I invite you to come to my mini workshop and make your own gifts for any Burning desire <3
Giant Octopus An eight legged mystery has come to the paddock to play with you! Come flow with this mysterious creature of the sea and learn of it’s connection to Polynesian legends and history.
It’s beautiful.
Art car THE FLAMING TEA CUP IS BACK!! Yes folks, we’re back for another year on the paddock. We’ll be bringing you our usual array of fun and frivolities. We have sounds, flames and for those of you of drinking age with a valid ID, we have more delicious beverages so don’t forget your cups!!!
Art car   Hi there tasty humans, I am Angela the angler fish. Please come a little closer to the light so I can see your pretty faces better!