Ever found the need to rest and recharge after romping across the paddock to bigger, brighter and louder things till the wee hours of the morning? In this nocturnal garden enjoy a chill atmosphere with nature, enhanced only by the copious application of twinkling solar powered light. Be alone with your thoughts, or bring a friend and shoot the breeze while you enjoy the mellow glow. Keep your eyes peeled and you might just see a fairy or two. 
Tweeds  Come and sit under the Nebula in the night and be amazed at the beauty of the bizarre cosmos. Watch and listen as the display changes with the vibrations in the air.
It’s a kite. With LED’s. There is no moment like the present. Where the fuck we are? We are here, now. Look up, look deep, and enter: SKY PORTAL.
If you pedal the bike you’ll turn the pump. If you turn the pump you’ll fill the tank. If you fill the tank you’ll feed the paddles. If you feed the paddles you’ll rotate the flower. If you rotate the flower you’ll create a vortex. If you create the vortex you can stare into it. And if you stare into it you are gone.
Keep Smiling!!!!!!!
Tribal Zone is NOT a theme camp, this is a Sacred Space created for the use of the Community. I am Very Passionate about using Drum Circles as a way of creating community, gathering participants of all abilities together to create Musical energy and share it.
Hi Burners I intend to bring Sting Ring back to the paddock. For those of you who remember the Ring from previous years, you know. Those coming for the first time come and play.
Inspired by the sharing economy that exists off the paddock the free shop makes sharing and gifting easy. You can “set up shop” here for a day, an hour or even just a fleeting moment. This is a place for you to give services or items away, share skills, talents and time…… We’ve compiled this list of what you could offer/give in the hopes that it inspires you: Compliments, gobbies, half-eaten sandwiches, piggyback rides, bad attitudes, advice, hugs, face painting, dad jokes, secrets….
The Grand OBIZZARVATORY of the not-yet-known YOUniverse. Slip into an unexplored corner of space to find yourself between dimensions https://www.pinterest.nz/pin/464715255274659288/
A recreation of New Zealands iconic bird in a digital form, flitting from tree to tree in the forest.
Mad Max, his vehicle and his robot have ridden through a hole in the space time continuum while fleeing Inland Revenue agents, in the bizarre paddock they have landed in they have chosen to abandon the black clothes and paint job and disguise themselves with brighter colours, copper, brass etc to better fit in with the locals. Keep your eyes open as they could appear anywhere on the paddock at anytime !
Adam Savage built this famous Duck Bomb https://www.facebook.com/testedcom/videos/10155581201820791/ and I thought as a community, we could do better, so join us and become a part of this world record in the making. Step 1: go out and buy a wailing duck, optionally paint it up as this is art after all. Step 2: bring it along to Kiwiburn and become part of OUR Duck Bombs starting on Thursday Note: if you bring enough ducks we will be able to release multiple Duck Cluster Bombs.
Zombies. Remain calm. We are the the zombie apocalypse response unit. We are the Doof Truck, and we have the antidote you need to feel better. Local organic doof-doof. Electronic bass music. Come gather, assemble, and wobble, and join us for a mobile radical movement to save the zombies of the paddock!
Grand bizarre What’s that creepy thing in the corner of your eye? It’s POV. Flickering after images between LED poles.
Arabic inspired lounge Saaloan – an Arabic inspired lounge that incorporates a 12 point Islamic geometry design that has been CNC milled in 9 full sheets of plywood that make up a room-like heptagonal structure. The design will be milled through each sheet allowing natural light (and LED lights at night) to pass through and cast the structures shadows throughout the surrounding area. One of the panels will be hinged to allow participants to enter and lounge inside should you choose to do so.
“The Seers have gathered with their peerless magic, For the Grand Bizarre they have power captured, So heed the call of their crystal ball, These mystics speak and the visions soar, Come one, come all, bring courage stacked, For a vision, once given, you cannot retract” – The Seers
Fire A huge ball of flame drives itself upward riding on the heat it generates. The outside of the ball is clawed by the stationary air rolling it into a vortex. How how big can this smoke ring get,? How long can it hover in the sky before the wind currents tear it asunder?
Sensory Dispensary Bodypainting; alive, collaborative and temporary – much like Kiwiburn! Come see me paint daily with and on your fellow burners! Watch the process, check in to see how its going, or look out for the finished product walking around the paddock. Check out my stuff at www.sleepingbaghero.com
Come find the cookie tree. Child friendly cookies shall appear through the festival. Have you found it?
This years Community Art Grant will provide the materials and encourage participants to make umbrella Jellyfish complete with night lights. At night we will encourage our Jellyfish to start wandering once it gets dark and slowly gather into small groups that float around the paddock, in turn those small groups will become attracted to and join with others they see, and a FLUTHER of Jellyfish will occur on our paddock, perhaps a World record Smack of Jellyfish will occur !
cLoud9 presents the interactive electronic dance stage.  ‘So beautiful’ stage is an interactive environment created with video projectors, cameras, computers etc which will create a live image of the dancer in many colourful and original virtual environments. Dancers dance nude and are clothed in light, in KB 17 we had 25 wonderful dancers. KB18 we will be @ chur, come and be expressive. All imagery is strictly private and not released.
Ready, set, GLOW! Temporary creations on the paddock fade to give a blank canvas again.
“Fly me to the moon, Let me play among the stars, Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars”. The Paper Moon is a DIY photo booth. You’re invited to sit in the celestial theme and have a friend take your photo. When you’re off the paddock and back in WIFI you can upload it to Instagram so everyone knows what an out-of-this-world experience Kiwiburn is! Inspired by hashtags, selfies and the art and music from The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’
Zoe is a velocoraptor made from steel and native nz driftwood. I think it captures the real thing enough to get a feeling of the excitement/fear of a real dinosaur.
Theme: Fire and Metal.      Description: With a design originally based on the giant red blooms of the Rafflesia plant, the fire tornado was created with interactivity in mind. The tornado can be brought to life via contact with a nearby plasma globe. It connects to the 6m wide sculpture by a light strip that also reacts when the globe is touched. The tornado itself is created at the centre of the piece, by angled fans.
Find the lanterns in the forest. Sing to them to bring them to life. Stay with them to connect with those who share song together in the forest.
The Firefighter’s Social Club is BACK! What happens after the firefighters put out the fires? They have a few beers and BRING THE HEAT! With a new rad truck and a mighty fine trailer in tow, together this artistic expression in vehicle form makes for a high-energy, fun-loving, sun-smart dance party on wheels! A DJ on the back deck, lights and decorations, a dance-floor trailer (only when we’re parked up), and the opportunity for supremely good times, boogying your way around the paddock.
Flowers + Moth Wings My mini workshop inspires burners to either make flowers that can be placed throughout the campsite, given to a loved one, or just a special flower to keep on your travels. There is also the other option to make your own burner wings; be your own little moth, butterfly or fairy for this gorgeous experience! We must be respectful to Papatuanuku; the land is our mother. So rather than taking from nature, we are creating our own nature along side Her. I invite you to come to my mini workshop and make your own gifts for any Burning desire <3
Giant Octopus An eight legged mystery has come to the paddock to play with you! Come flow with this mysterious creature of the sea and learn of it’s connection to Polynesian legends and history.
It’s beautiful.
Art car THE FLAMING TEA CUP IS BACK!! Yes folks, we’re back for another year on the paddock. We’ll be bringing you our usual array of fun and frivolities. We have sounds, flames and for those of you of drinking age with a valid ID, we have more delicious beverages so don’t forget your cups!!!
Art car   Hi there tasty humans, I am Angela the angler fish. Please come a little closer to the light so I can see your pretty faces better!
Effigy Burn Night. We are excited to once again be bringing another level of energy to the Effigy burn on Saturday night! Our crazy dare devil performers will be dancing with prop based pyrotechnic effects! These sparks will bring the night alive! This performance will happen after the Fire Spinners and just before the Effigy burns – get ready to get LOUD!!!
The original Cookie/Lolly Tree (‘Tane Ma Munchies’) debuted at Kiwiburn in 2007, and has reappeared in several guises in the years since. In its new incarnation – the magical, mystical Electric Lolly Tree gifts sweet treats to all those who visit.
Nestled within the forest lies The Changing Womb; the Paddock’s gifting station for costumery and fancy dress. Peruse our selection of finery, enter the Changing Womb, and be reborn – FABULOUS! Donations and exchanges are gratefully received, but please no MOOPy items (feathers, sequins etc), or plain ol’ singlets thanks – let’s keep it fancy.
“Step Up, Step Up! Watch this naive artist discover the prophecy of self-reflective art. Watch as she attempts to put her life back together in time to build the project symbolizing building a life by putting your self back together.” Tea, conversation, props and performance.
The mandala serves a conservative purpose—namely, to restore a previously existing order. But it also serves the creative purpose of giving expression and form to something that does not yet exist, something new and unique. … The process is that of the ascending spiral, which grows upward while simultaneously returning again and again to the same point.  — Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz, C. G. Jung: Man and His Symbols, p. 225
Theme: String art and UV.  Description: Always believe in your dreams and keep creating.
1. It’s Big 2. It’s Lamp 3. You can look at it
Take a bunch of hippies, one overhead projector, a screen, and a bunch of cut glass platters, plates, and bowls with lush geometry. Like the ones your nana and grandad have in their fine homewares display cabinet. Upcycled interactive analog psychedlic visuals straight from a 1950s department store. Come and waste your whole night entertaining yourself with the shit you thought was just getting in your way of Op Shopping experiences in Levin.