it’s a party in the sky! 

McDisco is a tongue-in-cheek name for my work. It consists of a 30″ diameter mirror ball suspended high in the treetops, with 20 life-sized inflatable men and women suspended underneath the mirror ball from wires strung through the trees. The mirror ball weighs about 8 kg, and the inflatable people weigh approx half a kg each and are a little over 5′ tall each. They will weigh more if I dress the figures, although I may leave them unclothed. The inflatable people do not have painted-on genitalia, nor are they sex dolls so the display is appropriate for kids to see. I wish the figures to be suspended with their feet at least 2m off the ground, as they are made of soft plastic that could tear so I would not like burners to try and pull them down to mess with them in any way. A mirror ball is also fairly delicate, and not for playing ball with if ya know what I mean. I’m not sure if I will need drive-on access but it would certainly be a lot more convenient to have it. 

 The “Hug Deli” is an interactive art installation where peeps walk up to the counter, ring the bell, and order hugs from the friendly staff. The menu includes “Diva hugs”, “Group hugs”, “Bear hugs”, and the infamous “long, uncomfortable hug”, not to mention daily hug specials!  Come and join the staff or be a customer and order something awesome !  The “Cinnamon Swirl” is a special treat.
 ‘So beautiful’ stage is an interactive environment created with video projectors, cameras, computers etc which will create a live image of the dancer in many colourful and original virtual environments. We celebrate the beauty of the dancers and clothe them in wonderful colours and natural textures all made fresh and now on the paddock for our delight! We can also extract and print colour pictures for you to take home. 
’So beautiful’ is part of the feminine revolution and is based on the the modern reimagining of the female form and spirit. We invite burners to dance and be expressive on our stage. Although we request that dancers dance nude; so we can clothe them with light, it is not demanded and nor do they have to be female. Being nude is a long-standing choice in the international burn community and this is a good chance for self expression which is unique to the burn environment. This live art making is interactive so we invite your input. cLoud 9 is produced by professional artists and the art created is to an excellent standard and imagery created is carefully guarded and not released without permission.
BirdieMcbirdface is a talented creature who broke out of the circus in late 2085 in the distant future (when we are all robots). Travelling into the past to 2017 for a one time only show. See him balance and show his bright colours in the night. You may have to ask/yell at him before he will show you. If that fails, play him some music, and he will show you his display.
An interactive photobooth experience.
Long ago, fountains were controled by underground rooms of humans turning on valves, lights, and motors. Eventually that process was electrified and later, made electronic. With the debut of the Wanderwave, robots have come for our fountains, and they bring their superior understanding of time. Experience the terrifying beauty as machines control these subwoofers, strobe lights, microcontrolers and water pumps in a way that humans could never dream of.

Note: Not recommended for those who suffer PSE under flashing lights.

Two Moons Temple aims to be a community safe-space for the Women-identified folk of Kiwiburn, inclusive of all non-male/non-binary/trans/femme-identifying people. Our key mission will be to help support and celebrate the wahine identifying folk of Kiwiburn in a way that only a women-driven space can. It will be a co-created area which provides a forum for community-building, support and space holding. Our main duties are to be a women-folk’s forum, to increase visibility of consent culture, provide harassment assistance and support, and basically be an all-round place for general chill out and play.

funkhutt an art/sound car… think Robot Hart at Burning Man… just smaller ;o)

Welcome to the altar of perception, you are invited to take time out of the festivities, to slow down, to contemplate and to look. Please use this piece to be still whilst everything is moving and to meditate. This natural window allows you to see differently and will take your mind away for a moment or longer. 
 We are PURE-C (Paddock Unlimited Renewable Energy Co-operative).  We are a collection of keen solar power enthusiasts who have been providing Solar power on the paddock for several years.  We provide solar systems that provide much of the LED lighting found around the paddock.  Think about minimizing your power requirements, think about using 12 volts instead of 240 volts, it is safer and better for us and the environment.  Think about upgrading to LED lighting systems.  If you have questions about solar power we are happy to help.  If you have 12 volt power requirements for an art project then talk to us as we may be able to provide you with freshly charged batteries to make it happen.
 The Giant Weta is a 2016 Black Rock City Honoraria project from New Zealand which will bring a large steel weta to Burning Man, Kiwiburn and beyond.

Older than some dinosaurs, the endangered Giant Weta is here to rock your world. Not known for it’s beauty, the world’s heaviest insect is heading to the Playa this year as an art project led by Auckland Burners.

This project is aimed at all Kiwiburners, particularly the virgin and the travelling. Created by fully converted second time burners who know what it’s like to feel both lost and at home at an overwhelmingly wild first burn. It is an interactive and community based platform for connection which burners are encouraged to approach and contribute or merely appreciate. To share connections and inspire the perspective that there’s more like-minded people around than you think. Perhaps just down the street from you! So explore and engage, with the hope that the people you meet don’t have to be left on the paddock when you leave.
Come and see how robots might see the world, with colours reflecting on infinitely in a giant kaleidoscope
This is NOT a theme camp, this is a Sacred Space created for the use of the Community. We are Very Passionate about using Community Drumming as a way of creating community, gathering participants of all abilities together to create Musical energy and share it, we also love it when you get up and illustrate the energy in dance.
This is a piece that will have something to give in both day and night. The metal structure will be shaped in form of a tropical rainforest flower; blossoms that are known for their almost unbelievable size. At night the center of the bloom will be the host of a sinuous fire tornado. And when not actively in operation, It’s a warm fire pit to hang out at
The ongoing interplay between siting and displacement provides an affective dimension to interrogate the dialogical ambiguity of promise and narrative. The conflicts that inhere between the contemporary language of desire with the Platonism of traditional gender strictions reveal a human-scale experiential and performative geography that figures performance as stasis and void, through an inner sanctum reflective of estrangement, fragmentation, and betrayal. The failed narrative of progress that hovers indeterminately between specialisation and ambiguity puts forward an elegiacal demand for utility and irrelevance.
Rebel Communication Outpost 

Bring your transistor radios down to the burn and tune in to Paddock Radio – Broadcasting Live on 88.1 FM. Look out for our communication outpost and swing by for a chat, fight the robots, and keep hope alive. If you’re receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance. 

Theme: Large scale Glow in the Dark Robot Chess

In the war between light and dark the only balance is The Board.    Two Glowbot armies stand ready to sacrifice themselves in tribute to the Kiwiburn Effigy. In pursuit of victory, they will be battling throughout the day and night until the King is captured and only one army remains. Honed by the fires of Kiwiburn, leaders for these automaton warriors must rise-up to strategise a way across the checkered field of battle.  Tacticians, make ready your plans . . . Commanders, steady your hands . . . Always remember that in all darkness lives light . . . and in light, shadows fall. For Honor . . . For Glory . . . For The Board!!!

The flaming tea cup is back for a third installment. You  know us by now; bring your cups, a photographic driver’s license and a smile
Slackline City features a net and slackline for playing high in the trees for maximum thrills with minimum spills. Come push your abilities on a safe set up – we may have harnesses for use under supervision at times.

It’s basically a circus net suspended between four trees in a roughly 4x8m rectangle at a height of about 2m. There is a slackline running diagonally across the net at ~2.2m for playing on. The net itself is fun to play on and safe because of its size and sag. This year I want to add a second slack line about 3m higher, but only as an anchor point for balancing supports (ie walk on the bottom slackline with arms outstretched holding elastic support ropes that are attached to the upper slackline).

Mad Max and Maxine return with their Bubble blowing Quad bike from 2016 to once again tour the Paddock Wastelands, this time around they have brought re-enforcements in terms of both manpower and fire power. A small trailer has been attached to the existing Bubblebeast containing T-3, a man sized robot that will aid them in their battle for The Paddock Wastelands, T-3 is fitted with tracks rather than wheels, to enable it go almost anywhere, this armour plated robot is no friendly R2D2 unit, it was originally designed for extreme combat in the battlefield and then successfully tested for urban pacification, it is armed with a flame thrower, water cannon, bubble machine and lights for night work
Two house speakers and a tonne of LEDS playing electroswing, house music and a few crazy analog synth sets on a battery backed, solar powered setup.
This year we once again will be presenting some incredible performer based pyrotechnics as the effigy burns on Saturday night! Prepare to be wowed by some high energy performance that will get you into the epic party mood for the main effigy burn!
 I’ve been working on groove box synthesizer samplers and others, for over 10 years now, and I would like to share it with other, this is a really different style of trance, techno, what ever you want to call it. It is real, this is how i express myself in this world.
Standing proud over the paddock the Turret protects kiwiburn from boredom and heat. with a 10m range the turret provides cooling with its watergun and is interactive, be the first one to the turret to gain control of the power.