Art Grants

Kiwiburn currently has two rounds of Art Grants as well as a separate, Community Art Project (CAP) grant. And there is one $2000 large grant available to a single project deemed to be of merit. The amount awarded will vary between each project. However, grants normally pay for only a portion of production costs. We pay for material costs, but not for time/labour. Artists should be ready to seek out and show proof of other methods and sources of funding. As a matter of policy, we also prefer that you develop various kinds of non-monetary resources. This effort on your part encourages collaboration and cooperation within our extended community.

Art Grants opportunities are coming up soon! Here are the 2016 dates:

Small grants (under $500.00): 
Applications in by – 12 September
Announcement on – 3 October

Large grants (over $500.00): 
Applications in by – 12 September
Announcement on – 3 October

Community Art Project ($800.00 grant): 
Applications in by – 6 November
Announcement on – 20 November

Innovation Grant ($800.00 grant): 
Applications in by – 6 November
Announcement on – 20 November

Wondering whether your art would qualify? Check out our criteria.

Applying for a grant is a simple process, just click through to our online forms for Small Art Grants, Large Art Grants, the Community Art Project grant, or the Innovation Grant and fill it in. We strongly suggest copying the questions into a word document and then copying your answers into the boxes. This means that you can spend time considering your answers and are able to save your work and come back to it.

If you receive an art grant, all receipts are to be returned to the Kiwiburn Arts Committee (KAC) in order for you to claim your grant. The deadline for return of receipts is two weeks after the end of the event, no exception. If you need funding as you purchase supplies for your project, this is can be arranged. Just send us receipts that you already have. There is no need to wait until after Kiwiburn when you’ve lost the receipts and can’t remember what they’re all for any more. It is possible to receive money in advance under exceptional conditions, so please talk to the KAC if you’re having problems. Funding is not available to artists during the festival so please ensure you get all your ducks in a row before the event.

A performance deposit will be withheld from your grant until after the event. Several steps must be taken in order to receive the performance deposit:

  • The artwork must be ready on the opening day of the event.
  • You must Leave No Trace
  • You must check out before leaving the Paddock
  • If your site is not clean, or if you do not complete the checkout process, this amount will be withheld

Have a read of our Art Setup Guide to make sure you are primed and ready to set up your project once on the Paddock.

Aside from the essential spiritual satisfaction gained from creating your work, as well as showing it and sharing it with hundreds of very enthusiastic people, Kiwiburn can also furnish you with other opportunities. We are willing to provide you with support materials if you wish to approach outside agencies or suppliers for assistance.

Be sure to photograph your work! At the event, photographers, amateur and professional, may also photograph your work. These may appear in our Image Gallery and in the art listings on our website.

Community Art Project (CAP)

The CAP project lead will design and oversee building during the event.

The Community Art Project differs slightly from standard Art Grants, which are also run by the Kiwiburn Arts Committee, and differs from the Innovation Grants run by the ExCom.

Any Kiwiburn participant should be able to walk up and work on the project during (not before) the event, and construction should span at least 3 days of the event. Different tasks of different levels of difficulty should be available to suit people who just spend 20 minutes versus people who decide to spend several hours on the project. Thus, simple repetitive tasks should form a big part of the construction of the project.

It is meant to provide participants with the opportunity to make art and build community.

The design of the project must also include the final fate of the art piece. It could be burnt Saturday night on the Man fire, or Sunday night on the Temple fire. It does not need to be burnt – as long as it follows the Leave No Trace principal anything is possible, but do not expect Kiwiburn to store anything after the festival.

Note also that cardboard is not an ideal material for building if the structure is to be burnt, as it can fly away in flaming pieces in the wind.

Kiwiburn has allocated $800 for this project. It will be given to one applicant or split among several dependent on the quality and needs of the individual proposals. The criteria are mostly the same as those of standard Art Grants, with an emphasis on interactivity and relevance to the theme.

Innovation Grants

Kiwiburn offers Innovation Grants of up to $800. The Innovation Grant funds practical projects that improve Kiwiburn and the infrastructure and processes that enable our community to exist e.g. projects that might speed-up construction and takedown of Kiwiburn, provide better lighting, save water or electricity, provide greener power, reduce vehicle use, or find a clever way of reusing rubbish. Innovation Grant projects don’t necessarily have to be participatory or artistic, they can be ‘behind the scenes’ or purely functional.

Any project must benefit the wider Kiwiburn community and cannot simply benefit a particular person or theme camp. It runs alongside, but separate to the existing Art Grants scheme. If in doubt, email us at and we’ll tell you if it’s suitable.

What is it?

Based on the Innovation grants from the awesome team at Nowhere (the big burn in Spain), the Kiwiburn Innovation Grants only help projects that improve Kiwiburn or reduce our impact on the surrounding environment. Any project must benefit the wider Kiwiburn community and cannot simply benefit a particular person or theme camp. It runs alongside, but separate to the existing Art Grants scheme.

Art Grants, Innovation Grant, what’s the difference?

The Art Grants fund participatory art projects at Kiwiburn, that bring people together and get them to interact and have fun together. The Innovation Grant funds practical projects that improve Kiwiburn and the infrastructure and processes that enable our community to exist.

Innovation projects could be a single item, a series of items or even a service (such as a bike-loan scheme). Projects can be something you have developed from scratch, something you have assembled from parts or something you have purchased and want to bring to Kiwiburn. If in doubt, email us and we’ll tell you whether it’s suitable!

What support can we offer you?

We will do their best to provide you with support to help you plan your project, find expertise and overcome problems. We may also offer you financial assistance of up to $800 to help with the costs of building your project and getting it to the Paddock.

• The maximum grant amount is $800.

• We cannot fund your time, your labour or any personal costs such as your food or travel.

• Grant expenditure must be agreed by us beforehand and receipts must be kept for all costs.

• Grants are paid in arrears, on production of valid receipts.

How do I apply?

To apply for an Innovation Grant, fill in the Application Form.