The Community Art Project (CAP) grant is for a project that is to be built by the community during the event. Any Kiwiburn participant should be able to walk up and work on the project during (not before) the event, and construction should span at least three days of the event. Different tasks of different levels of difficulty should be available to suit people who just spend twenty minutes versus people who decide to spend several hours on the project. Thus, simple repetitive tasks should form a big part of the construction of the project.

It is meant to provide participants with the opportunity to make art and build community.

We aren’t just looking for cool ideas, we are looking for people who are going to be responsible for sourcing materials, bringing to the paddock, setting up, running the project from start to finish, and being responsible for take down and cleanup.

You don’t have to do all this by yourself, but if you are going to get help please talk about your plans for a crew or whatever else in your proposal.

Please also submit an itemized budget with your proposal, since we may split the money between different applicants and may only offer you a portion of what you have asked for. (of course you don’t have to take our offer).

The CAP project lead will design and oversee building during the event.


The design of the project must also include the final fate of the art piece. It could be burnt Saturday night on the Man fire, or Sunday night on the Temple fire. It does not need to be burnt– as long as it follows the Leave No Trace principal anything is possible, but do not expect Kiwiburn to store anything after the festival.

Note also that cardboard and very thin ply are not ideal material for building if the structure is to be burnt, as it can fly away in flaming pieces in the wind.

Kiwiburn has allocated funds for this project. It will be given to one applicant or split among several dependent on the quality and needs of the individual proposals. The Kiwiburn Art Grants Committee will be responsible for allocating the money.

To apply for the grant, please fill out the form below.

Community Art Grant