Without volunteers there is no Kiwiburn! Thank you to those who give their time and energy to making Kiwiburn happen for all of us. As well as seeing people enjoy the festival you helped create, you will work with an amazing group of people in our community from all over New Zealand; learn a wide range of skills which you can apply to life in the default world; and gain insight and experience volunteering on a unique (non-commercial) festival, working alongside our long-standing volunteers.

We are aways interested in Kiwiburners willing to take on one-off type project-based tasks eg surveys, research etc. The Finance Team is looking for 2-3 people with bookkeeping and/or accounting experience to help out with year-round finance tasks, and the Admin Team will be seeking a new insurance coordinator very soon. And if you’re interested in joining the ExCom, we are particularly keen on enthusiasm, availability, level-headedness, and people with policy and process related skills.

WE NEED YOU! With volunteers stepping down post-event from key roles, there are a few amazing opportunities! The following year-round positions are open. Apply using the form below. Full role descriptions are under the form:

ExCom Chair

Reports to: ExCom (Executive Committee)

Job Purpose: The ExCom Chair facilitates the ExCom discussions on policy development to achieve as close as possible to consensus on decisions affecting the direction of Kiwiburn, and takes responsibility for management of the ExCom’s ongoing online meetings. Fulfils general Chairperson duties for the committee.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Raise items for discussion as needed and facilitate discussions to conclusion in a timely manner
  • Develop proposals for voting, call votes, administer voting procedures, and record decisions
  • Facilitate development of policy for the overall running of the event
  • Facilitate investigation of complaints to achieve a fair outcome
  • Keep abreast of information that affects Kiwiburn such as Health and Safety legislation, and provide information that allows informed decision making by the ExCom
  • Liaise with landowner including day-to-day information sharing, and negotiation and signing of land use contract
  • Ensure ExCom and general Kiwiburn activities are in accordance with the Ten Principles of Burning Man and the Incorporated Society rules
  • Liaise with Treasurer and Secretary to ensure official documentation requirements are fulfilled transparently
  • Chair the Annual General Meeting
  • Write an annual Chair’s Report and Future Vision for the Afterburn report
  • Represent Kiwiburn to external stakeholders as necessary.

Time Requirement:

  • Year round – daily tasks around 5-10 hours per week, mostly dealing with email and reading resource material.
  • Occasional bursts of up to 15 hours per week.

Skills/Attributes required:

  • Communication and facilitation skills
  • Mature and responsible
  • Reliable and regular internet availability and responsive to email
  • Willingness to be accountable for Kiwiburn’s activities
  • Conflict resolution skills, diplomacy and assertive communication would be useful
  • Organised – Project and People Management skills a bonus
  • Several years’ experience as a Kiwiburner and previous volunteering experience with the event preferred.

Finance Manager / Treasurer

Reports to: Executive Committee (ExCom)

Job purpose: To work with the ExCom, Finance Team, and Team Leads (Managers) to ensure the sound financial governance and administration of Kiwiburn Inc.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Final responsibility for signing off annual accounts. Ensure accounts are filed with the Societies Office
  • Final responsibility for signing off the Finance Team section of the annual Afterburn Report
  • ExCom member; responsible for the sound financial governance of the organisation
  • Manage bank accounts and monitor cash flow. 

Team Leadership

  • Coordinate recruitment and retention of Finance Team members
  • Develop policy and procedure and review these as conditions change
  • Manage team workload and division of labour within the Finance Team.


  • Collect feedback and requests for changes to the previous year’s budget (via the annual Kiwiburn Summit, Afterburn Report and from Team Leads)
  • Review the previous year’s budget and facilitate ExCom discussion of priorities (including ticket pricing and population cap)
  • Propose annual budget for ExCom approval and review leading up to the event
  • Check cash-flow pre-event to ensure pre-festival expenses can be paid on time
  • Support Team Leads to ensure they are aware of their budgets, know how to access funds as well as request budget changes where necessary.

Payments and Bookkeeping

Work with Finance Team members to:

  • Ensure payments are made on time for expenses, Art Grants, and tax
  • Process invoices and receipts through accounting software (Receipt Bank and Xero)
  • Ensure end-of-year processes are completed in Xero and reports are published.

Key Relationships:

  • ExCom
  • Finance Team Members
  • Team Leads / Managers
  • Ticketing Vendor (or appropriate Liaison)
  • Other Vendors (via Vendor Liaison)

Time Requirement:

  • Year round – approx. 5 hours per week
  • Occasional bursts of up to 15 hours per week.

Kiwiburn Secretary

Reports to: ExCom

Job Purpose: The Secretary is one of our three Officer roles. Officers have no specific authority, but Kiwiburn is required to have these roles filled. The Secretary’s primary role is as record keeper and moderator of the ExCom’s activities. General duties relate to ExCom meetings (creating agenda, keeping minutes and posting minutes after meetings) and the ExCom Google Groups (adding and removing incoming/outgoing members, keeping track of email discussions).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create agendas for meetings, take detailed minutes, and post minutes on ExCom list.

Time Requirement:

  • This is a year round position.
    Secretary must be available on email several times a week.
    Estimated time is 5 hours per week.

Volunteer Coordinator

Reports to: Admin Lead, ExCom, Volunteer Engagement Lead

Job Purpose: To coordinate teams of volunteers to fill roles within the Kiwiburn organisation, both for year round organisational/management roles and for on-site shifts during the event.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with Team Leads to identify volunteer needs and develop/maintain job descriptions for key roles
  • Provide details of open roles to Media/IT teams for recruiting purposes
  • Monitor volunteer email address and respond to volunteer applications in a timely manner
  • Work with volunteers to achieve suitable placement and ensure key information is communicated
  • Screen volunteers for key roles and present shortlists of likely candidates to Team Leads/ExCom as relevant
  • Create and maintain volunteer database including contact information
  • Monitor and manage Crew Training budget

Skills/Attributes needed:

  • Reliable internet access and responsive to emails within 1-3 days
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Excel/Word or equivalent skills
  • Able to identify skills/knowledge/interests and match with role requirements
  • Understanding of Kiwiburn organisational structure and volunteer needs a bonus

Time Requirement:

  • September–January: 5-8 hours per week
  • During event: no work required
  • Post event–September: 1-5 hours per week