Art Installation Registration Form:

  • eg can it be climbed on, does it provide shelter, is it interactive in any way?
  • eg you may need help with transport, or from a local in sourcing materials, or you may want someone to run a collective kitchen... whatever you need- feel free to ask.
  • Large Art takes effort and materials to set up and run. A work may require a financial or participatory contribution from those involved to cover the costs and get things done. Large Art (and Kiwiburn as a whole) is non commercial and all camps should be run on a not for profit basis.
  • Drop files here or
  • You can be as coy or revealing as you choose to be. This posting is not just to advertise your art; it may also give you useful contacts in achieving your goals. You can include links to pictures which we will add to your description. Links to related sites specifically for your project are permitted, but not links to commercial sites.