When a group of people camp together, that’s a camp…. when they do it with interactive style and have a rocking great time – that’s a Theme Camp.

A theme camp is a pocket of reality created by a group of friends who get together to do something interesting.  Theme camps are interactive in nature. They are participatory and inclusive. Theme camps create an ambiance, a visual presence, provide a communal space or create/host an activity. Theme camps are an essential part of the heart and soul of any Burner event, they are the social meeting places where anything can happen, and often does. What kind of music do you like? What are you really into? Think about getting a group of friends together and starting a Theme Camp. It could be a venue for events, performances, parties, dancing or anything else. Theme camps can include stages, performance, gifts or workshops: the only limits are the creativity of your group and how well you can use the resources at your disposal.

The most successful theme camps have been simple concepts. In the past fire spinning camps, music/dance camps, healing camps, bars serving drinks, camps serving food, camps playing movies, volunteer crew camps and many others have popped up all over the paddock. All the needs must be thoroughly thought through to make your camp completely autonomous. This includes power and building equipment. Be prepared to haul everything out that you’ve brought in even if others leave an unexpected mess behind. Be prepared to clean up any debris left over, including screws and nails. And (seriously) all cigarette butts. (The managing principle of LEAVE NO TRACE.)

If you wish to advertise your camp, we will post your camp name and any information that you mark to be posted on the website for all to see. You will also be able to post your planned event onsite on the event program bulletin board located at the Depot or Centre Camp. To secure your site please fill in the registration form. We do wish to keep everyone happy. To help us facilitate all of your needs, please register as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email: themecamps@kiwiburn.com. For detailed information about recent theme camps please see the theme camp register.

Camp Dance-a-lot